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Profaids Consulting has considerable expertise and knowledge base working with leading clients for over a decade in retail and service space. A specialist cell formed of internal professionals and external consultants guides every process and addresses operating standards and control requirements arising out of technological advancements, changing customer needs and logistic challenges.

Effective Service audit process for optimum results

Our model of retail and service audit envisages a three way model of Risk management, Service level definition, compliance and Operating efficiency, for a comprehensive coverage

Risk Management

Emphasis is on Stock, Sales and Cash collections to ascertain the soundness of process controls that guarantee optimum stock holding without giving way to excess or stock outs. And product prices are controlled for appropriate bar coding factoring minimum margins, Billing efficiency, and Collection and reconciliation process to ensure no leakage occurs in the entire chain of activity.

Service Levels

We encourage clients to define desired service levels in internal core processes and out of outsourced partners. Once defined, we collate information on compliance to ensure the work certification and payment systems are tuned to service levels actually delivered and highlights any deviation wrt intensity ASAP for corrective action.

Operating efficiency and Cost Control

Key parameters that count in the Operating performance like Procurement, Sales, Marketing and Logistics efficiency are defined and processes are closely audited to identify the gaps and strengthen them. Further benchmark core processes with competition to enhance internal standards for overall gains.

Forensic Audit, Whistle Blower Policy

Profaids Consulting has experienced professionals to conduct investigations to build robust controls on need basis. Further we help clients formulate and operate a Whistle Blower Policy and act on specific engagements either arising out of whistle blower policy or out of control risk assessment.

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