In an ideal business condition, there’s no need to outsource these services

Companies could be managed on trust and need not track risks, Competition is never threatening, Margins are comfortable to absorb volatility in input costs, regulatory environment is minimal and less complex and to top it all , companies have enough resources to pay attention to regulatory, Board and Audit Committee requirements.

But we all know better, it’s not the case in conditions we live and do business in..Often business are run with lean staffing, there’s never adequate time to do anything with complete application, there’s lurking fear of control lapses and business risks, regulatory is more complex, voluminous and volatile, it demands precious time and readiness to absorb changes, globalization even being positive, has another side in competition which can never be more intensive from around the world, and finally public money used in business calls for high level of corporate governance and accurate guidance to investors.

Outsourcing - an ideal alternative

Imagine a day amidst all this, coupled with the requirement to document and manage risk, assure controls and regulatory compliance, manage cost and show growth, and deliver on pre set timelines either for Regulatory, Board meetings, Audit committees among others. And one wonders can it get any easier and is there someone to share, thankfully, help is available in the form of professional outsourcing for risk management, internal audit, corporate governance , consulting and transaction processing.

And these services even as important from organization health perspective, are still seen as non-core activities in a company context and therefore CFOs face challenge first to seek resources and next to retain talent in a non-core activity. But the same services form the core and lifeline of professional firms, who can invest in varied resources and offer exciting opportunities to retain talent, thus choice of outsourcing is ideal both on cost and delivery perspective Profaids Consulting makes a certain difference

Over 15 years of specialization in areas of Assurance, Fraud prevention, Value engineering and Corporate Governance for significant clients under challenging situations helped create a robust process and technique that helps clients across India, Asia and Europe. We draw professionals from diverse specialization and expertise ranging from Accounting, Costing, Industrial engineering, Law, Systems, HR and Management so as an organization you have choice and benefit from their insight without having to incur multiple costs.

Innovation and leadership

In the ensuing parts that follow, we take you through what we offer at profaids consulting and how we may assist you to innovate and transform your organization into highly compliant, robust organization keeping costs in check and on path to leadership.

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