There’s no reward without risk!

Business growth and risk are in many ways inter-related and one cannot stop venturing for fear of risk. Instead an ideal response is to recognize it, minimize it and manage it suitably in order that it does not reverse the very gains.

Risk in corporate situation can come either from within the organization or from outside. Common risks that businesses face are:
  • Business continuity risk
  • Financial reporting reliability
  • Transaction and process integrity
  • Regulatory risks
  • HR availability, attrition and skill match risk
  • Customer integrity
  • Satellite operations risk, among others

How the risks arise

These risks arise out of weak processes, people integrity, typical business condition and regulatory changes. And even oversight, caused by enormous traffic and minimal delegation that many times forces to move up the pace at the cost of overlooking finer details. This cedes ground for ordinary errors to convert into potential risks that jeopardize company’s performance.

How we help

Profaids Consulting’s specialist Risk management team armed with years of expertise, run proprietary diagnostic studies in core processes and corroborate with well structured interviews of internal and external agencies to recognize and shortlist possible weakness in functions and processes.

Further we prioritize the risks on lines of criticality and likely hood of occurrence and formulate methodology to mitigate risks and sensitize people and organization to deal with transactions and processes in a structured way.

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