Profaids Consulting with decades of specialization in control definition and fraud prevention helps clients identify risks and realize true benefits of responsive and independent internal audit

Organization Culture for Controls

Recognizing the importance of controls at Organisation and Board level sets the trend for the whole of organization and its rubbing effect on other constituents like Suppliers and Customers apart from employee . We collaborate with clients to prepare an organization, robust in its fundamental controls in core processes with defined and well structured ownership for implementation and sustenance.

Targets the process and not the person

Any control lapse is addressed objectively without applying overdose of controls. Instead lapses are carefully studied for their process perspective and not just transaction relevance and lasting solution identified that strike a balance between Control and practical business sense. This approach is highly successful and often finds immediate acceptance as it targets the process and not the person and results in high level of implementation. This strengthens the company from within and delivers a lasting solution with regard to Controls and Risks.

Support system for Clause 49, SOX

The Control Audit team comprises of control risk professionals, guided by well structured mechanism developed over years of in-depth audit and fraud prevention assignments covering varied industries and testing circumstances, and kept updated by a dedicated team to factor in developments in technology. Each team has right to access knowledge bank, and refer to industry segment specialist,, high impact issues for greater understanding and their ripple effect on related processes. Internal Audit conducted by profaids consulting conforms to COSO, COBIT and is fully compliant to CARO and Clause 49 for SEBI listed companies in India, and SOX for companies from US.

Greater Flexibility and Quick engagement

And further one can either go for total outsourcing where end to end responsibility on internal audit and consulting starting from planning, execution, management of audit committees to implementation can be outsourced. Alternatively, one can choose co-sourcing without destabilizing existing internal audit set up and outsource only select modules that can add value to the function or to augment any shortfall in resources. And set up time to run these services can be very minimal, as we can move in as quickly as you might want with minimal disturbance to your time and regular wok.

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