“In God we trust, rest all of us have to have data” – Edmund

A mid size manufacturing company attracts over 2000 provisions drawn from 80 state and central Acts going down to village panchayat (governance) level on geographical scale and representing Labour, Operations, Environmental and safety requirements.


Thus high level of compliance is always a challenge presented by the volume, clarity and practical difficulty, starting with internal awareness to actual compliance
What complicates the process further is the lack of availability of updated prints for many acts, even lack of legislations for newly formed states and internally lack of awareness and seriousness on the part of ground level executives. And Companies having multiple branches have to deal with multiple state acts that have nothing in common and multiple due dates that challenge a smooth compliance.

De-coding for better understanding and compliance

What aids compliance is widespread understanding, and what aids understanding is simple presentation of legislative provisions. Towards this we have translated all provisions in a lucid manner to aid understanding and categorized based on criticality in the order of A,B,C to aid prioritization of corrective action.

Organizational Culture of total compliance

We help organizations strategize for total compliance first by creating awareness across all employees and other partners like Contractors, Suppliers to create a sense of appreciation of statutory requirements. And create a path with milestones for gradual but total compliance. And we can have strategy linked to payment either as incentive, penalty to aid higher compliance by outside stakeholders.

CEO, CFO confirmation to regulatory

First we help in compliance and next create base to evidence compliance without ambiguity. This ensures that senior management can rely on the documentation in their certification to regulatory. Further we create a MIS on Statutory compliance which can be viewed by SBU heads, CEO, CFO, Company Secretary on Quarterly basis which indicates the score of compliance on A,B,C classification. This brings in needed transparency in the process and status of current compliance is visible to all and management can plan resources to improve to desired level.

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