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Profaids Consulting's active involvement in wide range of industries and thorough understanding of core processes and data base of industry benchmarks ensure that any due diligence carried out for target company brings out the true status of affairs for effective decision making.

F&A Due diligence

We engage in F&A due diligence to support reported information is truly represented with ground data, Cross verify the same with various key ratios and determine how realistic it is compared to resources of target company. Also we critically analyze key data like sales, contribution, growth, Asset base, people to study how they move over a period of time to study consistency and form opinion on true and fair view of reported information.

Productivity, Cost and Contribution

Further, our Industrial engineering team can provide insight into production capabilities, Costing and contribution analysis to bring out true profitability independent of financial reporting. This is generally achieved through review of target company’s processes and comparison with industry benchmarks to satisfy how far , the claims of target company are realistic and what safety levels are to be factored to fine tune decisions.

Statutory and Regulatory risks

The due diligence of invisible factors like statutory and regulatory risks of target company form another specialization of profaids consulting. The requirements of personnel (Labour) cost and compliance, Welfare measures, Factory’s act compliance to minimum safety and process standards add to hidden costs hitherto not factored in the books of accounts. Any deviation apart from legal implications can considerable alter the total cost and contribution. With this in view, all necessary provisions are critically verified and status reported to judge whether the current status syncs with the objective . Also a memorandum of projected costs added by total cost of compliance is made to re write the contribution to aid in decision making.

Standard Operating Procedures

We design precise and practical operating manuals for various key processes like Procurement and Materials management, Sales administration, F&A, Contract Management among others. The manuals capture “as is” process and develop a “should be” processes taking care of gaps. We take the draft through diagnostic studies and discuss elaborately with key function heads and operating team to factor their view and finalise a manual that meets expectations of user without compromising on key controls . The manuals are designed to empower management to know status of compliance on a point scale, and helps in gradual enhancement of compliance.

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