Great company is great people !

We are proud to have a professional multi-disciplinary team from across Accounting, Costing, Risk management, Consulting, Industrial Engg, Systems, Law among others. And we are even proud to retain talent and keep attrition always at single digit globally and almost at nil level in key positions, over many years. This helps our clients in continuity and saves precious induction time every time.

What motivates high performance: The dynamic set up, exciting projects and our approach to add value together with a free hand to “try out” backed by expert support from industry specialists, motivates every team to go beyond their call and add value to clients. Perhaps this gives deep sense of satisfaction and creates bond between clients and us and our team to stay together and foster greater relationships.

Cutting edge winning combination: Profaids Consulting is represented by over 100 professionals, Core function executives and further supported by many industry experts and Consultants. This gives us the cutting edge in matters of serious importance or technicality, we do not stop with merely stating a concern or impact, instead go beyond and prove to a point of certainty the fact of issue, the financial or operational gain or loss , suggest an ideal solution and collaborate with client in its implementation.

Leadership team

M V Shyam Prasad, CEO

A Management and Law professional, has significant expertise in Value engineering, Marketing , Process and Forensic Audits having had career specialization in Consulting for over 18 years. He had pioneered value addition, strategy and process perspective as a core delivery in internal audits and had positioned profaids consulting as a worthy alternative to Big 4, in its field of specialization. He provides an inspiring leadership and successfully transformed the team to think differently and deliver effectively with “value addition” and “Client first” attitude.

Ramesh ,Vice President

A Chartered and Cost Accountant, has considerable audit and consulting experience in manufacturing and service industry segments for over 15 years. He heads Management audit practice of the firm and partners with Corporate clients in effective outsourcing and stabilization to meet stringent requirements of Audit Committees.

Leadership team continued…

Venkat, Project Director ( Forensic Audits)

A career audit and vigilance pro, has created significant impact in Forensic and Process Audits working with dogged persuasion and energy in variety of critical assignments. He has transformed much neglected and less popular area of Forensic Audit into a preferred tool in strengthening core processes of many organizations and providing a back up cover to review issues arising out of whistle blowers.

Muthurangam, Project Director (Industrial Engineering)

A Career costing and Industrial Engineering specialist, brings decades of expertise to value engineering and process controls engagements. He is gifted with proactive, persuasive skills and ensures value is added in every project to the delight of clients.

Saroj, Project Director (Mgt Audit practice – New Delhi)

He epitomizes the youth of the firm in its energy and in its commitment to client first attitude. A Costing professional with experience in hard core audits and consulting engagements for top rated companies for over 10 years, heads part of north Indian operations out of Delhi.

Sampath, Project Director (Costing)

He brings decades of experience of working with leading automotive companies to the costing practice of the firm. His hands on experience help develop robust costing processes and identify opportunities for cost reduction.

Kris Narasimhan, Project Director (Mgt Audit practice - Bangalore)

A Creative thinker and specialist finance and software pro, brings freshness to Audit and Consulting projects. Has transformed the process of collating data using innovative and tailor made software to considerably reduce process time and enhance deliverables.

Venkatraman, Project Director (Accounting Outsourcing)

A Chartered Accountant with specialization in Business accounting and reporting, has hands on experience in successfully running FMCG, distribution Companies for over a decade. His business and team management skills together with Accounting experience augurs well to head the “Outsourced Accounting and Transaction Processing” practice, and has created significant value and improve focus in activities hitherto termed as non core activities.

Krishna Raj, Project Consultant (Civil Engineering & Project Mgt)

A Civil and structural engineering professional with decades of expertise is credited with applying deep technical and analytical inputs in a practical manner to aid in Cost effective solutions and alternative methods, Optimum use of resources, Wastage reduction and time management and contributes effectively to overall cost and time management of various critical projects.

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