“Nothing is fully done, there’s room for improvement ”

Profaids Consulting’s flagship service is born out of undying attitude to innovate, interact and involve in a spirited manner applying 100% to bring out the hidden value in every core process of the organization.

This spirit was demonstrated in scores of assignments over a decade with stunning results in cost reduction, value maximization aggregating to several crores of rupees and far reaching process improvements inspired by fresh and open thinking in varied processes and business situations like Business re-organisation, Supply Chain Management, Buying efficiency, benchmarking for best terms, Fraud Control, Optimisation of Sales, Proactive tax planning, Innovative Cost management thru alternate options, reduced costs, minimised waste mgt, Marketing and Channel re-organisation, New Product launches, Effective Asset Utilisation, Cash to Cash cycle of Working Capital Management, Power and Utility savings among others.

Multi-disciplinary expertise

Our multi-disciplinary team drawn from Accounting, Audit, Costing, Industrial engineering, Law, Systems, HR and Consulting with a winning attitude and successful track record, collaborate with clients in a positive manner to gain clear perspective of your actual needs from what you specify and proactively go beyond and solve the unspoken but potential need. Often a potential opportunity or problem is highlighted with strategy to implement or neutralize the impact , so you as an organization do not repeat the process instead go on and achieve value.

Value engineering that makes a difference

Every assignment starts with a proactive energy with an insight of value engineering to judge level of efficiency and cost competitiveness in core processes. The processes are benchmarked with industry standards and results are communicated with operating team to enhance operating efficiency, control waste and seek cost reduction. Further Companies are well served by best in class processes and sensitize executives on customer centered processes and transparent deals removed from individual discretion and replaced with sound Policies and Procedures.

Profaids Consulting helps Clients’ achieve goals through positive work culture through network of branches in all metros and important cities across the country, so wherever you are in India , we are not far away, to provide cost effective and productive service, with an assurance that hiring Profaids Consulting is never going to be a cost but a worthy investment that pays back, year after year.

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